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Last Minute Tips to crack GATE 2024 Exam

Last Minute Tips to crack GATE 2024 Exam

Updated: 16.04.2024 By: Team Gatenotes

It's just two or three days to face the GATE 2024 exam that you've been preparing for months. The combined effect of performance pressure and anxiety can have a negative impact on your performance. But this can be avoided if you've been following some basic tips for the last few days. The strategy of preparing for the whole year is different from that of studying in the last week.

1. Solving Test Papers Everyday

I. This is the best way to remember the concepts.

II. Try to use most of the time to practice questions, either a mock test or a small topic, a subject-specific test to strengthen your concepts.

2. Keep Switching Between Subjects

I. Test your skills to shift focus from one subject to another under pressure and make sure you don't panic.

II. Revise your short notes and formula notes to recall concepts more quickly that can help you easily switch between concepts.

3. Keep the Admit Card Ready & Keep it Safe

I. On the day of the exam, you don't want any panic.

II. It's best to visit your exam center in advance and get familiar with the surrounding environment.

4. In the last week, Mental Peace is necessary

I. Always remember, being confident will give you "more" marks than knowing that you don't have any confidence.

II. Get enough sleep here. And we mean 7-8 hours of sleep every night, especially in the week before the exam.

5. Do not ignore General Aptitude & Engineering Mathematics

I. General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics carry 30 % of the total marks and are therefore the most important sections of the GATE Syllabus.

II. So prepare those sections to perform well in the GATE Exam.

6. Hands-on Practice with Virtual Calculator

I. Try to perform calculations using the Virtual calculator in order to familiarise with functions of the calculator.

II. 80 percent of GATE questions may not require a virtual calculator, so use a virtual calculator whenever it is necessary for complex calculations.

7. Have a proper Exam strategy

I. Read each question carefully and decide whether you can answer it.

II. If any question is difficult to resolve, please postpone for the next scan.

III. During the ring first scan, identify the questions which you can answer and answer all such questions without any mistakes.

IV. During the second scan, try all the unanswered questions you decided to answer in the next scan.

Last but not least, hard work and confidence will help you crack the GATE Exam. Attempt the GATE exam with a full positive environment and try to perform the best.

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