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Top 10 Key Tips to Crack GATE 2024 Exam in First Attempt

Updated: 16.04.2024 By: Team Gatenotes

To help all aspirants, Gatenotes has compiled the top 10 tips to crack GATE 2024. Many times, candidates know the answers but end up being ineffective in the GATE exam. This is due to a lack of strategic planning. Read the entire article to know the top 10 key tips to crack GATE 2024.

Top 10 Tips to Crack GATE 2024

1.Start your preparation as early as possible

There is no ideal time to start preparing for GATE 2024. Candidates must start it as soon as possible.

Having more time to finish the study for an exam is always an advantage.

Many a time, students come short of time to finish the syllabus and find yourself skipping one or two topics which will be available for the exam.

2.Know the GATE 2024 exam pattern

Having an idea on how the GATE 2024 exam are going to be done like the kinds of questions asked or the marking scheme is very beneficial. Candidates can find all such details regarding the exam within the GATE 2024 exam pattern.

3.Follow the GATE Syllabus

The first step before beginning with the preparation is to understand the detailed Syllabus of GATE 2024. The syllabus helps to have a clear understanding of what all need to be studied.

During your preparation, aim to complete the syllabus instead of studying the topics out of the syllabus.

Since there are many subjects included in the syllabus, it is important that you plan each and every topic of the syllabus with a specific study plan.

4.Get the right material to study

Prepare at least one standard textbook per subject in the GATE syllabus.

Reading a book may not cover the entire syllabus. In such a scenario, you must ensure that you do not rely entirely on these textbooks. To avoid this, it's a good practice to actively engage yourself through online platforms that provide resource Material for your preparation.

5.Understand the basic concepts

Focus initially on understanding the concepts, and then concentrate on mastering each subject by practice tests

6.Focus on solving mock tests

One common tip given by experts and toppers for cracking GATE is to take as many mock tests as possible. Solving mock tests is extremely beneficial for the candidates who aim to secure high.

GATE 2024 mock tests are formatted exactly like the actual question paper. Therefore, Solving GATE mock tests allows students to become familiar with the exam's pattern and difficulty level.

7.Do not forget to analyse the mock tests

If solving mock tests is a crucial a part of preparation then analysing it's equally important. In fact, if the mock tests are left unanalysed, there's no point in giving tests.

There are many reasons why a candidate should analyze the GATE mock tests 2024. the foremost important reason is that it helps to know the level of preparation and also what are the weak and strong areas.

8.Make quick revision notes (Short Note)

Once you have gone ahead with your planning considerably, you can start reading all the chapters again and make short notes for all the important subjects.

These short notes can help you to recall the entire preparation and use it for your last-minute revision.

9.Recall all of the concepts and methods

After completing the syllabus, spend one month before the exam to recall all concepts, formulas, methods and examples.

Remember the definitions, the key points and the formulas during the revision.

Always remember to make your basic concepts clear, it will help you crack even tough questions.

10.Look after your health

Lastly, don't neglect your health within the race of preparing for the exam in the best way. Take small breaks in between and have a good night’s sleep. Always remember that you simply can give your best only you're within the pink of your health.

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